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Invest in AllOY

The intersection of three disruptors: ride-sharing, electric power, and autonomous driving—will create more than a trillion USD in value in the automotive, aviation, and marine industries.


AllOY is bringing autonomous technology and electric propulsion to the recreational boating market—and is at the center of this venn diagram of disruption. Our passion is for brilliant design, elegant user experience, and market-leading technology. Why? To make boating smarter and safer. 

What impact will this have on the recreational boating industry? AllOY's technology will get more people on the water safely, grow the boat sharing and boat club markets, increase usage at on-water resorts and cruise lines, and most importantly, reduce accidents and deaths on the water. 

AllOY finished a $1.5M pre-seed round in late 2022 and has begun a $12M equity round to fuel the prototype development and release versions of our core software. We are primarily interested in building relationships with larger individual investors or venture funds whose focus is on mobility, autonomous technology, marine-tech, or related fields. 

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